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Culture is Prepared To Fight the HIV/AIDS Epidemic with R.A.P On AIDS Partnership (Atlanta, GA – May 26, 2014) – Culture is a new and innovative sneaker company on the rise that looks to bridge the gap between a person’s way of living, being fashionable and trendsetting, while representing their culture with a purpose. Culture will release their first sneaker on June 1, 2014 which will be a limited edition sneaker in support of the R.A.P On AIDS Campaign. Culture: The R.A.P On AIDS Edition sneaker was created with both men and women in mind. No details were overlooked; Culture is made from the finculture-sideest Italian leather, a red and peanut butter color way, red stitching and gold eyelets. Culture will go on sale for only 30 days with 100% of the profits going to the R.A.P On AIDS Campaign. The profits will continue supporting the country-wide initiative that engages the disadvantaged and uneducated communities on the effects of HIV/AIDS in an effort to get people tested for HIV.

R.A.P On AIDS recognizes that urban entertainment leadership, power, and influence is a complex phenomenon, and doesn’t assume that the entertainer’s authority alone impacts broader community influence. Yet, we believe that athletes and entertainers reveal a “slice” of how success is unbelievably sexy, empowering, enjoyable, and can stimulate a “call to action” that inspires all people to live healthy lifestyles.

With the release of Culture’s first shoe the objective is to influence the community while at the same time being fashionable. The goal is to get as many shoes sold to reach, educate and encourage young people to get tested for HIV. The R.A.P On AIDS Campaign’s effort is to make sure that people are able to confidently answer their slogan’s question, “Are You Positive You’re Not POSITIVE?” So with Culture, not only will they wear the shoes with a purpose, but can do it with style.

About Culture
Culture is a shoe brand made from the finest Italian leather and is produced in the famous Italian Shoe Valley in Le Marche, Italy. “I create fashion and products infused with, and inspired by Hip Hop,” says the founder of Culture, Edward Griffin. Fashion and Hip Hop are very powerful medias and Culture realizes its prowess in creating a brand that goes beyond Hip Hop and embraces all cultures. Yes, Hip Hop in itself is a culture, it’s the way people walk, talk, dress, look etc. Culture plans to make an impact on the sneaker industry by creating high quality shoes for men and women while also bridging the gap between a person’s way of living, being fashionable and trendsetting, while representing their culture with a purpose. Everyone celebrates their culture in different ways; the backwards e represents the uniqueness in all of us.

About R.A.P On AIDS
R.A.P On AIDS social marketing campaign delivers both information and motivation that encourages an individual decision to take action. Our campaign promotes a consistent positive collaboration with high profile entertainers that hold reputable positions as leaders of community desires, wants, and practices. In our effort to create a major difference in HIV/AIDS prevention, our campaign interlocks entertainment, education, and responsible life choices in order to create a health consciousness that turns knowledge into behavior that promotes the “social good” of society.

For more information please contact Edward Griffin at 414.810.2735 or [email protected]

Download the official press release: Culture Press Release

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